Cerys’s Message

1633_2AZ5696(1) 1446_4AC0122My Mummy, Sarah, and her friend, Julie wanted to do something special this year to raise money for the benefit of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity to say thank you for fixing my super-duper heart. They have decided to do a very long walk in a place called Iceland.

When I go to sleep at night I ask Mummy to tell me all about this “mission” they are going to do. After reading stories I ask Mummy questions about going on an aeroplane to get to Iceland, it sounds fun, and sleeping in a tent – it doesn’t get dark! They have got to do a lot of walking, sometimes they have got to walk up really big mountains and hills or through really cold streams or across snowy fields or sandy river beds and Mummy said they will walk on some lava from the volcano – that’s scary!!!

Mummy and Julie are very excited and a little bit scared of the challenge, they get up early in the mornings to do their keep fit – I choose teddies that can watch while I am still in bed sleeping. They know they need to get fit as they know that a big strong healthy heart will help them climb up the mountain in Iceland and stay warm.

I am very proud of mummy for the fundraising work she does to raise money to buy “tools” for the doctors. I am her sunshine and I hope the sun shines for Mummy and Julie in Iceland!!! I will miss her while she’s away, I’ll get to stay with AA-AA and Bear for 7 nights, not just a Tuesday night:)

Cerys D xxx

PHOTOS: Cerys Flower Girl at her Uncle John’s and Auntie Jen’s Wedding July 2014